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Tool for pixel perfect design handoff in seconds.



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Manish — Co-founder & CTO, CanvasFlip.com
Thanks a lot @kwdinc for hunting SPECS.

We're super excited to introduce the latest addition to the CanvasFlip suite - SPECS. We built this tool for all designers and developers for whom design hand-off is a long messy battle. Feedback from our users have been a great input to building this. Kudos to them! :) Using third party tools for hand-off came across as a major challenge in their workflow - So we built SPECS.

SPECS makes handing off designs a breeze. We're pretty sure that the developers would love their designers; after all they can punch out specifications and CSS code without digging into design files! We are now a single solution for all post design challenges - A designer prototypes his designs, tests them with real users and now hands them over to the dev team, all on CanvasFlip.

With SPECS you can -
- Share pixel perfect design specifications (positions, colour etc)
- Switch between colour formats & resolutions
- Exports assets & get CSS code
- Discuss queries within the design
- Preview the prototype even while checking out the specifications

I’m here to answer all your questions. :)
Go Ahead and take a spin!
Manish — Founder, Unofficial.ly
We at Dineout - India's largest table reservation platform, are using this feature from last two months and it has made the life of our design team very easy:)
Manish — Co-founder & CTO, CanvasFlip.com
Glad to hear that @manishshara! Photoshop plugin coming soon ;)
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