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Wow I love this game - it's really G.O.O.D. - fun and exciting challenges, gorgeous design and melodic sound effects. Brain-tingling and a soothing sensory experience unlike any other. Can't stop playing!
@caldie Thanks!! Glad you're enjoying :)
@caldie This is a BIG stamp of approval coming from the Dots team :-)
@pe_feeds @caldie thanks sumeet! I'm just now figuring out replys ;)
@pe_feeds @caldie We love dots and two dots! :)
@gorociao @caldie Haha, you're very welcome!
Hi! My name is Erica. I'm the designer on Team Specimen. We wanted to make something quick to pick up and beautiful. Happy to answer any questions. Thank you for playing!
By the way - Facebook leaderboards are brand new. Good chance there's glory in connecting and playing if you wanna be on the global board. Oh and we promise we'll never spam or post on your behalf. :)
I really enjoy this game — and I don't enjoy many games. It's addictive, in a good way. :-)
Some questions for the team: 1) What were some of the struggles you went through when deciding on how to price the game / monetization? 2) Any thoughts on how to best stand out in the crowded mobile space? 3) What are your future plans for the game?