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Love it. But I thought it was a place where people can upload their speech videos and get critiqued... Now that would be fun...
@alexkess Same here. Thought it was some sort of Simon Cowell for public speaking. Slightly disappointed ;)
@pieterpaul Somebody should build it. ;)
@alexkess I just had the same moment of confusion while on the landing page! Perhaps the tagline needs a rewrite. cc @rrhoover
@alexkess @pieterpaul imagine Simon Cowell for everything! just a site where you put your stuff up and got critiqued...now that would be something
@alexkess @eriktorenberg haha I like it! 'brutallyhonest.com - don't let your friends fool you, you probably suck'
amaaaaaazing stuff <3. changed my life when I discovered it a year or so ago. zach holman's blog is awesome too!
@tzhongg couldn't agree more; @holman's early github talks significantly influenced my early public speaking efforts. speaking.io helped me further this and better understand how to communicate ideas effectively to large audiences!
I love the idea of turning would-be blog content into a dedicated micro site resource like this. If you're into this content I wrote about my talk process here: http://mikeknoop.com/how-to-give...
That my friend, will be an elixir for my next talk.
Nice work. This is going to be a pretty useful tool!