Comments on “Speak
Eric Bieller@ericbieller
Greetings Product Hunt! Really excited to show you what we’ve been building :) The hard truth is that, without good communication, your team is destined for certain doom. This is why Speak exists: to provide seamless communication between you and your team mates. Just like you have a dock for applications, we like to think of Speak as a dock for people. Wh… See more
Harsha Halvi@h_halvi · Overlord @ Foci
@ericbieller Would love to try out the Windows version , can you give me a ETA.? :D
Eric Bieller@ericbieller
@h_halvi I'm happy to announce that Windows is now in beta! We're only letting in a few companies at the moment but expect to release it to everyone very soon. You can sign up for it at :)