Message safely while driving

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The video presentation made me laugh and promote you to my friends.
@kleampa Your comment got me to watch the video. I was expecting her to say 'Why did you wake me up then?'
Speak enables you to message safely while driving using a combination of voice, gestures, and auditory notifications. The technology is based on research in distracted driving, with the goal of eliminating visual attention shift, as well as minimizing attention duration and repetition - to keep your attention on the road! My cofounder and I both quit our jobs at the same time to embark on this startup journey. This is sort of our love song to the drivers out there - we hope you will feel safer behind the wheel with Speak by your side! Would love to get your thoughts. Feel free to ask me anything.
@rock3m does it work with existing applications like FB Messenger and iMessage? I can't imagine users taking on another chat client for this when Messenger and iMessage both have similar functionality.
@huntergray @rock3m Yes! You can message with any contact on your phone. The experience is even better with other Speak users, because you can hear their actual voice, not a synthesized voice. But yes, you can message with any contact on your iPhone!
Very cute video. Great job!
@jakemor Thanks! We were on a budget so humor was the only thing we had in our corner :)
Nice idea , very critical issue you are solving
Why not support numbers outside of US???
@yjp Hi Yuval, we are still trying to figure out logistics of supporting non-US numbers. The tech is based on SMS so we decided to launch first with the US - which we understand better - and then follow up with other countries. For updates on this matter, please follow our Twitter @MessageSafely. Thanks!!