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Spdr is the Swiss Army knife of reading apps. Reading 10,000 words a day is just as important as taking 10,000 steps, and Spdr makes that possible. Try Spdr for free to see if it works for you. Upgrade to Spdr Pro for a low one-time fee. Import ebooks, PDFs, & docs. Open from Apple News, Notes & browsers. No subscription. No signup. No hassle.

  • Lino Grubben
    Lino GrubbenProduct Designer

    Brilliant approach


    Confusing onboarding

    It is working well, I like that thinking about something else while reading is much harder, since there comes one word after the other, and I don't want to miss one, of course. The (browser) extension is very important for the user experience of this app, since nobody wants to copy long texts manually. The problem was, the articles I've sent to the app via the extension (Pro version) all began with the site's privacy policy. Maybe you can find a solution for that. The UI is radical, pure black, pure white. It's not friendly, maybe some other dark colors make the app more appealing. Also, I would increase the size of the text field a bit, and I would like to select single words by tapping on them in addition to just skipping. The onboarding was poor, I didn't even understand it was one before the simulation has ended. I was like why do the buttons don't work?! I didn't test on Apple Watch yet, I can imagine how cool the app is on it.

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  • Pros: 

    Unsure, I can’t use it.


    Currently crashes when opening an ePub.

    Currently crashes when opening an ePub from DROPBOX. Doesn’t “open in” when exporting an ePub from files or Dropbox on iPhone xsmax.

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Any possibility for Android?
@avneet_arora there certainly is, given there is enough interest.
@avneet_arora @rueter what's considered enough? Do you have a number?
@avneet_arora @rueter Starting with a more cross platform stack would've made making apps for both platforms smoother.
@vjhawkins Basic proof that people are using it on iOS over time, and that there's potential for growth.
@akash_joshi I'm definitely in camp native-or-nothing. I don't like to let gaps in performance get in the way of proving product viability. Each platform has it's own strengths, and users of each have come to expect a certain quality of experience. If there's enough of p.o.c, I'll certainly make a native Android version.
I get that it's faster to read using this method but somehow to me it ends up sounding like a robotic inner monologue while I'm reading it. Maybe it's just practice but the flow of reading is lost to me.
@colinwinhall this is a good insight, and a big reason why Spdr has punctuation pauses. The pauses vary in timing, depending on the type of punctuation, and give the process a more natural, narrative-like feel. Once you get to 400+ words per minute, it's even more fluid.
I wish this worked, but every time I try this technique, I fail to remember most of what I "read". That, plus the "robot" inner monologul like someone else mentioned, plus the fact that I have to think of when I'm about to blink and stop the app, which means I'll get distracted. Overall feels forced unfortunately.
@andrei_nedelcu I appreciate the feedback. I recommend starting at a speed you're comfortable with, and working your way up as you see fit. The punctuation pauses should also help to mitigate the robotic inner monologue, giving it a more natural, narrative-like feel and improving your overall retention. Thanks for giving it a try.
What's new in this update?
@aaronoleary thanks for your question. Spdr 2.0 introduces a ton of new features and functionality that make the app more useful and versatile, no matter what you want to read. First, there are the app extensions, which allow to you open Spdr from Apple News, websites, PDFs, Word docs, ebooks, Notes, and more. You can read right away, or save any text from the extensions to read later in the main app. Just like the extensions, you can also import the above-mentioned file types from the in-app file browser. Spdr is now available on Apple Watch, making not just speed reading but reading in general on Apple Watch easier than ever before. Open Spdr on Apple Watch, select one of your saved pieces of text, adjust the word-per-minute rate with the Digital Crown, and get to it. I find this works well in any situation where you don't want to take out your phone, like commuting on the 38 bus in the morning through SF. Are you reading a physical book? No problem. Take pictures and string together the text of an entire book and read it in Spdr using the text recognition camera. Then, there is Spdr Learn. The aim is to make Spdr as inclusive as possible, and that includes for anyone learning to read or with reading difficulties. Spdr Learn allows you to reduce the word rate to 25, 50, and 75 words-per-minute with optional voice assist. Finally, there are some minor improvements, like a new alignment mode that centers the word to the center-most character; punctuation pauses for a natural, narrative-like feel; text highlighting and follow-alon; and more goodies. I really wanted to make an app that anyone would find useful in their daily lives. I realize that since Spdr 1.0, and even before, there have been apps that use this or similar techniques, but none that provided the UI/UX and thorough feature set that I needed. For someone that always says I'm going to read more, I really wanted to do something about it. My main constraint is time, and I just don't feel like any of the other apps, like the ones where you have to subscribe or the ones that give you a 15-minute summary, are for me. I want Spdr to be as useful to a reader as a Swiss Army knife is to a hiker. The app is always improving. I'm actually working on an update right now. I'm always open to feedback, so if you or anyone finds something that is missing or could be improved upon, please let me know. Thanks for having Spdr on Product Hunt again, I really appreciate it.
Amazing Idea, I will be using it daily.
@avneet_arora thank you very much, I appreciate it.