Leave memories everywhere (iOS)

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Very cool app, especially when you have a bunch of friends who use it too :)
I like the concept and design. Reminds me of Drop (, an Android-only social network developed here in Germany. Very interesting concept to make the ability to leave anonymous memories a scarcity. I like the idea!
looks like a really well designed app! moreso than the app, im curious how you got groups of student hooked onto this? really interested in the methods used by companies to do so! it seems you have established solid traction and such, what are your plans for monetization? i could imagine the fact that someone can leave memories at a restaurant/venue of some sort could prove attractive to local businesses in a way (or if you could leave "sponsored" memories in select locations) -
@sumeetj Hey Sumeet! Thanks for the kind words about the app. In terms of student interest, one of the things we've been focused on is our National College Tour. Currently we have a group of ambassadors on tour featuring our very own Spayceman traveling across the country visiting schools and spreading the word about Spayce. We also have done a lot of direct outreach to schools and have ambassadors on over 150 campuses right now that we've been working with to get feedback on the app throughout our beta. As far as monetization plans go, we do have some plans in place for later, but for now our focus is strongly on attracting and retaining happy, active users.
The "virtual Post-It" is such a great concept for location-based apps. I hope Spayce gets the critical mass needed to make this work.
@tomsoderlund Thanks Tom! We hope so too.
One of the makers here! Thx for the feedback so far. Curious what everyone else thinks about the app...