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Collaborate from anywhere in AR


Introducing Spatial, a brand new way to collaborate in Augmented Reality. Turn any room into an infinite workplace and remotely work together as if you were face to face. Watch the full video at https://spatial.is

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Visual designer

Sorry guys but it's just another cool gadget. The promo video is an unsuccessful attempt of showing the advantages of such way of communication and collaboration. Can you show a real case that helps people work on everyday basis? Does showing a moodboard or a couple of notes/ images requires such technology? I just can't see any real value of this product yet.


I really can't find any.


unnecessary distraction in a real collaboration

Senior Product Designer @ Whoop
I kind of agree for the most part. I could see this being useful in some kinds of presentations around like architecture or event planning with maps. That said moving sticky notes around in 3d and seeing my co-workers floating avatars is kind of unnecessary to being productive.
Inventor, Filmmaker, much more...
Think about surgeons and physiotherapists telemanipulating robots; I would love to try it producing a feature film which with due arrangement with the estates, if any, could include dead personality avatars obtained from photographs or other archival sources. For example, I would like to re-enact the battle of the Dardanelles in VR with the protagonists and radiocontrolled models in a landscaped pool; if voice recordings are available they can be added to the screenplay.
I think you're wrong - I think this is the perfect tech for crime show detectives to figure out who the killer was.
troublemaker in chief...
There are a ton of obvious applications especially with remote workers. This would be a huge help for agile teams who has remote team members. Kanban or scrum boards could be leveraged. Remote workers could more fully participate in ceremonies like Sprint planning.



cool to look at


Why should I need that?

Software Developer
Most of the time you see a discussion about AR, keeping in consideration how many products struggle finding a market, people mention that he way forward is via targeting a more corporate audience rather than gamers or a casual audience. This product seems to aim to do that.