Making project management easy

There are so many project management systems on the market as the vast majority are very often overkill for the people using them. Sparque is a simple to use solution which is simple to use, works for teams or freelancers and best of all FREE.
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I created Sparque as the company I contract with had no project management tool in place. There's a few non-techie/older members of staff who struggled with the more well known tools out there, so I created this to be as easy as possible for the user.
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@p_maloney Loved the concept. Would like to have your product on our listing platform as well. We also have a team of industry leaders, Angel Investors and CEOs on the platform who give a word of advise/review/feedback on products. It's all free. Would love to see you there
After signup it goes to a very clean start page that offers no clue how to begin. Very clean though.
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Okay, I found it. You have to select a client first. I suggest you make that hyperlink as apparent as possible. If you don't want to mess up the page then employ a third party walk thru app that you can tailor to your user flow. There are a bunch out there and it's just a code snippet in your head section. Good luck, I do like the clean interface.
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@gregw Thanks Greg I will add that. Any recommendations?
Hey @p_maloney Simple interface. One single feature as priority. Good perspective. Really love to know how users view & use this. Just trying to understand the flow, why do you want to keep the clients first, rather project. And keep the members tab somewhere else, was searching for how to add people to the project quite some time. Do add a note on credentials tab...
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@senthil_ramasamy Thanks Senthil. I will look at adding those.
You’re definitely on to something with your pitch. Existing pm softwares are overkill. I like the idea but not much here just yet. I’m not clear why a project must be created within the client tab...
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@greg_beinecke The idea behind that is many agencies/freelancers have multiple clients and sometimes several projects at once with them. I felt having a never ending lists of projects would be hard to navigate after a while so having them under the actual client would be more usable and manageable as your project list grows?
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