A community for gamers

Hey guys, my name is Patrick Adams, I am the creator of Sparq. I started working on Sparq back in March and am excited to finally release it into the wild. I created Sparq as a place for gamers to hang out and talk about video games. Sparq's game library is powered by the Giant Bomb API combined with the iTunes API. One of my favorite features of Sparq is the lists feature which lets you add games to custom lists. Think of Sparq as Letterboxd for video games. I hope you guys enjoy it and I look forward to talking about games with you!
Very cool. Do you see this more as a social tool to show off what I'm playing / see what my friends are playing, or will you be building a recommendation algorithm based on games I like and systems I own?
@mikelandsberger In the future I'd love to have some sort of recommendation system but for now Sparq's main focus is a social tool and platform for people to engage in conversation about games and also see which games are being talked about most. We also aggregate reviews so that you can see an average score for a game and the most popular reviews for that game.