Automated audio and video transcription service

SparkVid is a video transcription tool that helps you skim hours of video, quickly. I made SparkVid during Covid-19 after watching hours of videos on meetings and lectures. I created SparkVid as a way of skimming those videos to save you time and energy.
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I made this product after I generated a long backlog of video meetings and lectures to catch up on. When I realized that most of the meeting could be skipped but there was no way of extracting the relevant information to me, I wondered how I could get a 'SparkNotes' skinny of all the info. That's when I discovered SparkVid. SparkVid will let you upload large video files and deliver a final transcription. The final delivery format is inspired by a photo journal style, where a still will help you gain context on the emotion for that informational segment. This way your information is easy to digest and skim through. Thanks for being here for the launch and please leave comments or feedback!
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Great idea! @justinbarnett , what do you use for the actual transcription?
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@doomhammer Thank you! I'm using a combo of a couple APIs with my own code
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@justinbarnett Interesting! A single API was not enough to get the good results?