The true influence of any Twitter account

Find the true influence of any Twitter account

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Ryan Hoover
Founder, Product Hunt
Just ran my stats (the full report includes a lot more than this): I'm curious how the volume of tweets affects these rankings. I would expect to see those that tweet more to depress engagement per tweet on average as the Twitter algorithm will only highlight 1 or 2 tweets in the "what you missed" section. Measuring engagement based on the number of impressions (not followers) would be a better measurement of "twinfluence" (sorry... terrible pun).
Chris Messina
#1 Product Hunter! πŸ†
@rrhoover you scored a 58 and I got a 55. Does that mean we both earned F's?! πŸ˜‹
Matt Hartman
partner @betaworks
@rrhoover just did mine (but cant include pics in a reply on the mobile app). I like the comparison of engagement to others with similar followers. Would be cool to see what gets engagement for them / not just the obvious tweets which get engagement
Massimo Chieruzzi
Ceo & co-founder at AdEspresso
The "related accounts" tab is what surprised me the most. Even tho' I'm not very active in twitter it did an amazing job highlighting related accounts that were extremely relevant! Great job @randfish & @caseyhen. Are you already planning an API for this? Lot's of integration opportunities here!
Erick Barron
I've been following Rand for years on moz blog and whenever I see his name, I know I'll get something of high value. Congrats on the app - I'll try it out when I'm home. 😊
David HunterWeb design, SEO, and local search ❀️
I love it. My score is only 4, and that's perfect because if I was going to score my Twitter profile I would have given it a 4 as well. Great work Rand & team :)
Matt Aunger
Writing & marketing at @HelpDocs

I love Sparkscore already. It's a great way to find the true influence of Twitter profiles and hints at some more substantial tools coming from Sparktoro.

It also offers a breakdown of how the score was achieved, and the specific elements (engagement, follower count, verified status) that contributed to it.

Warning, though. If you're not an influencer, this can be damaging to your self-esteem πŸ˜„


Reveals the true influence of Twitter profiles.

Shows how influence is calculated.

No more hiding behind fake follower counts


Can be damaging to self-esteem

Limited to Twitter

Bruno WinckFounder of Kneaver. Corp
Lol, true for self-esteem but it displays related people results for a balanced perspective
David HunterWeb design, SEO, and local search ❀️
Damaging to self-esteem, HA that is so true. Society's ego ought to be cut-down based purely on data points and good 'ol fact once and a while :)
Rebecca GarciaGeekGirlWeb
Re: Limited to Twitter--that/this is exactly what Klout provided, which launched in 2008 and shutdown this year:
Rick RobinsonVP Innovation @ AARP; founder
Ah, like the Twitchamp site I created in 2009
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