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David Hunter reviewedSparkScoreThe true influence of any Twitter account

OAuth does not over-step. Plus, my score is a 4. Nice and low as it should be - I love that.



I woke up to the PH email telling me how Rand Fishkin launched SparkScore and I went right for it because the man only makes quality products. He's got an excellent BS detector, so I trust his work.

Sure enough, I land on SparkScore and find out my score is a "4" out of 100. With previous influence scoring apps, my score was in the 70's. That's so wrong! I am a business owner living in Pennsylvania - I should never have risen to the "70+ category"! One of my clients is a 94 (international sports figure), another is a 69 (writer for a national publication). These are both logical scores as well. After just a few hours I can already tell SparkScore will become the de facto standard for influence rank.

I also very-much appreciate how the oAuth is not overstepping on the permissions:

The application WILL NOT be able to:

+Follow new people

+Update your Pprofile

+Post Tweets for you

+Access your Direct Messages

+ Change your password

Thank you, Rand, for making something real. SparkScore seems like it's going to be great and I can't wait to see what the future holds.

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