SparkPost Academy

Build SaaS apps with strong conversion, retention & growth.

SparkPost Academy is an educational resource for product and tech teams interested in learning best practices for building SaaS apps with high user conversion, retention, and ultimately growth.

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Hey Product Hunters! I’m the creator/editor of the SparkPost Academy. I’m really excited to share it. SparkPost Academy is an accessible curriculum dedicated to product teams building great SaaS apps. We developed SparkPost Academy to address our own team’s needs: helping all of us (product, development, marketing, even sales people) build core knowledge and shared understanding of what it takes for products to succeed. We realized pretty quickly that this might be something other product teams could use as well. We’re starting off focused on four key areas: - User engagement strategies - Growth skills for product teams - Technical best practices for transactional and product emails - How’s and why’s of building for the cloud Sound like something you’d like to learn more about? You can jump in on the website: Any and all feedback about the site or individual articles is appreciated. And if you have an idea for a question or article you’d like to see added to the site, I’d love to hear it. 💌 Brent

overall, cool info


comprehensive tips on the pitfalls to look out for with a SaaS product and email


would like to see "email tools for product managers"