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@nallakar Congrats to team for this awesome accomplishment!
Such a competitive landscape. How do you plan to beat the big dogs?
@bentossell Hi Ben, even though Sparklist is now available globally and listings from over 10 countries, our focus is in emerging markets. In the last 3 months we've been developing and testing the app with out Philippines and Pakistan consumers to cater their needs, including app working for low speed internet connectivities and greater need on scam/spam control. Let the big dogs battle each other in selected markets, mainly in US and some european countries, while we'll focus the product to cater rest of the world. With our latest release today, we have now also include Uber integration so that users can simply order closest car to ride to pick up their item. This is now only available in Philippines but after further improvements in the feature we'll roll out to further countries.
@nallakaru cool. Didn't know it was starting in emerging markets :) best of luck
What is the difference between you and other apps like Wallapop, Offer Up, LetGo, 5miles, etc. especially since the UI's are strikingly similar?
@kevinclayland Hi Kevin, as ive mentioned in previous post reply to Ben, our focus is in emerging markets. And Sparklist now is a 1.0, with coming months we are aiming further to cater our features towards consumers needs in emerging markets. Our first step towards this, earlier then the big dogs, to giving option to our users to book Uber to ride to pickup their items. We also working on number of other features mainly to solve privacy and security issues.
@nallakaru that's great! Keep up the good work.