Spark Now

Ignite the passion in your relationship

Spark Now is the shared couples app designed to continue the passionate connection between and re-spark the intimacy in your relationship. Whether you and your partner are struggling with communication, or if you are stronger than ever, Spark Now is the ultimate couples app to continue to keep the passionate spark in your relationship!

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I don't see the point of this app. From the screenshots: [Task: Cleaning | Reward: Happy Wife] like duh, do we need an app to tell us that if we clean the house, our partner will be pleased? How is this any different than any task manager out there? How does it specifically cater to couples and actually, why would it even need to? Testimonial from the website: "In the past, I would complain to my husband that he never meets my needs and he would complain that I nag him too much! But now that we have Spark to remind each other [...] he does not feel that I nag anymore." Oh, so if your partner tells you to do something that's nagging. But if they create a reminder though the app, then it's not? Honestly, this makes no sense to me. I don't like the ideas this seems to be promoting. "Spark gave me the reminders and motivation I need to make sure my wife’s needs are met while simultaneously rewarding me with my “special” needs from her". Seriously? What "special" needs? I'm guessing something like: [Task: Clean the dishes | Reward: Sex] 😕 Thta's what it sounds like. If you need a reward to do something your partner needs you to (provided of course that they are not actually taking advantage of you) then you're not in a relationship worth being in anyway. My two cents :)
@anna_0x I am finding myself in total agreement. First of all, the suggestion to use sex as a carrot weirds me out. Sure, keeping your partner happy tends to have the happy side effect that more and better sex tends to happen, but that should not be used as a commodity. It also supports the old blue balls stereotype that men need sex and women put up with it and use it as a tool to manipulate their partners. In a happy and equal relationship, that would be ridiculous. When our twins were very young for example, I pulled extra weight because it was the right thing to do, not because I wanted any "special needs" to be met by my exhausted wife.
@anna_0x thank you for your honesty! These screenshots are from my account with my husband so the whole "happy wife" thing is more of an inside joke for us. Maybe I did not clearly define the goal of the app, it in no way says "do this for me and get sex." If the screenshots display that then I want to make it clear, again, that those screenshots are specifically for me and my husband. Now I know it seems like common sense to meet eachother's needs, I feel the same way. In theory, people in relationships would automatically do this. But in reality, that may not always be the case. Sometimes we simply forget to meet our partners needs! My husband, for example, could never remember to clean the floors for me. I would remind him over and over (nagging) and he still would just forget. It's just part of being human. Nobody is perfect, and no relationship is entirely perfect. But thank you for your two cents!
@andreasduess I think you are taking my screenshots from my own account too literal, which is my fault for posting these. But in no way am I stating that using sex as a way to get what you want is the way to go. The app promotes cooking, cleaning, date night, surprises, and intimacy, all different tasks that are important in any relationship. I am sorry that you feel it is a manipulation tool. I personally do not see how meeting your partners needs in part of manipulation, and I do not see how this is stereotyping at all. The shots are my own personal account with my husband and this is what works for us. I don't think you should look that deeply into it by claiming it promotes some sort of manipulation or stereotype. I do appreciate your honesty, though!
@andreasduess yes, my thoughts exactly. @danalynnespark ok, I understand the inside joke part but examples/screenshots aside, how is more suited to couple than any task/calendar app? I can create a google calendar event "Clean Floors" that repeats every week and "invite" my partner to the event. The notifications would work just fine, no need for "nagging". Or we could do the same with literally any of the task manager apps that exist (Things, 2Do, TickTick etc). From what I gather, the only difference this has to most other task managers is the option to add a "reward" to each task BUT that is precisely the issue: we shouldn't expect to be rewarded to do things for our partners. The reward system is a good idea in task managers that are aimed at kids and their parents (e.g. "Tidy up your room" > "Reward: New Toy" or something like that) Also I think you misunderstood Andreas' comment. He does not claim that your app is manipulative. He only says that it promotes the idea of women being manipulative and using sex as a commodity to get men to do what they want.
@anna_0x I see how you think it is a task manager app, but it is more than just reminding each other to do a few things for them. It specifically includes date night, cooking, cleaning, surprises, and intimacy, all factors that are specific to relationships. Have you heard of the 5 Love Languages? They are very similar to those, and this helps to remind that we need to meet our partners needs to ensure that their "love tank" is filled. The rewards, which I do believe should probably be renamed, are given to show a partner that they're also going to have their love tank filled by completing the task. Example, my husband HATES cleaning (which is a need of mine) the floors, but if he knows that I will take us out on a date night (his need) for cleaning for me, we both win! Relationships are a cycle of meeting each others needs to ensure harmony. Without the reward system, it could turn into "clean the floors" and that seems too demanding. It simply keeps the passion going for both of us, not just one. I do not think I understand his comment wrong. He seems to think the app is strictly "do this then sex," which is clearly not the case. Even looking at the screenshots I do not understand how he could see the manipulation in that. I will say this, being honest and working with relationship counselors, that if any type of manipulation is a concern with the app, the issue is not with the app itself. The manipulative relationship already exists, a smartphone application is not going to create that type of issue.
Spark Now has been such an amazing product for me and my husband. I created the app to help out with the communication between me and my husband and I have to say, it has helped tremendously! I no longer feel stressed out when needing him to help out around the house, and he no longer feels nagged and neglected. And the best part has been our intimacy! We have felt more connected than ever using my app. We no longer go a day without making the other a priority and being romantic, if you know what I mean ;)
This app is great. I take it as a funnier way to share tasks and reminders, to be honest from all the stuff that I use (Google Keep, Calendar, Email Flags) is kind of sweet to have a special place/app with my wife where we share our daily stuff, usually I mix all types of parts of my life (work, friends, personal) in the other apps. This can be a funny special place for us. Great work! :)
@adao Thank you! That's exactly what Spark Now is, a fun, intimate, place for you and your partner! I'm glad you like it 😃
@danalynnespark Hey! :) - I have a small suggestion to make: Being able to create a one time only item, without any type of recurrence. Thanks!
@adao yes that’s definitely top of the list for our next update! Thank you for your feedback ☺️