Comments on “Spark for Mac
Denys Zhadanov@denzhadanov · VP of Marketing at Readdle
Hi guys, Thank you all for the interest and comments. We've spent the last 2.5 years working on Spark in order to change the email experience for people with a busy inbox. Readdle has a proven track record of creating amazing productivity apps that are used by 50 million people (Scanner Pro, PDF Expert, Calendars, Documents), but it was the time to take o… See more
Craig Jarrow@tmninja · Time Management Ninja
@denzhadanov Love it! Keep up the great work over there at Readdle. Just installed Spark on both my Macs. 😉
Able Joseph@ablejoseph · Founder & CEO, Aisle
@denzhadanov Been a long time user on iOS and a beta user on the Mac. Brilliant app. I wake up to only relevant emails now. Sleep has improved. Needed that. Thank you!
Tigran Hakobyan@tigranhakobian · Entrepreneur, Co-founder/CMO @ inapptics
@denzhadanov Great job guys! I have been using Spark on iPhone for a while and liked it a lot. Already installed on my Mac and happy so far :)
@denzhadanov I really enjoy it so far! I have been using Newton for a while and Sparks interface is much more compelling with multiple mailboxes. I think you should consider integrating mail tracking/scheduling :)
Bryce York@meetbryce · Creative Technologist
@denzhadanov would love to be able to set a default font (even better a default font stack so it matches my signature).
Shaun Clark@saclark99 · S - Eat Drink Stay Dubai
@denzhadanov Wow, so impressed at this. Spark is ace on IOS and whilst I thought I was content with Airmail on Mac, I'm now not so sure. One killer feature I love on Airmail is being able to filter all the messages by same sender with one keystroke - far easier to work through (or bin). Can't see that Spark or Polymail have that feature (yet). Keep up the fa… See more
Adithya Shreshti@adithya · Founder of Startuposphere
@denzhadanov I love the iOS app (it just goes crazy if a lot of accounts are connected) . Not sure why Mac app is not available in the Indian app store.
Trey Hakanson@trey_hakanson · Cpo, hatchli
@tigranhakobian @denzhadanov how's the iphone app? is it better than Polymail's? I've enjoyed that so far
JoshTodd@joshtodd · Director of Product, TUNE
@meetbryce yes! This is my biggest frustration with Spark.
Tigran Hakobyan@tigranhakobian · Entrepreneur, Co-founder/CMO @ inapptics
@trey_hakanson @denzhadanov the iPhone app is really great for me! I have been using Apple's native mail app for a while, then Outlook (which was great before Apple releasing iOS 10), but Spark is definitely better. Haven't used Polymail, so can't compare it with Spark.
Daveyon Mayne@mirmayne · Working on side project
@denzhadanov Where is the iOS app? Website says only for Mac?
Kiley Dorton@kiley0 · Product Designer @ TORQworks
@denzhadanov this is a picture-perfect model for how a maker should describe their product on PH
John Yalcin@john_yalcin · Web Developer
@denzhadanov Excellent news! I'm excited to give this a try. What rendering engine does Spark use to display HTML emails?
Juan L@rustyflakes · CEO and Co founder of @koalaroomie
@denzhadanov this looks amazing! I'm looking forward to using the Calendar Invite cards
eudamon@eudamon · Startup Whisperer
@denzhadanov Does Readdle store email content on its servers?
Daveyon Mayne@mirmayne · Working on side project
@shahinix Thank you!
Wayne Slavin@wayneslavin · Co-Founder, Sure
@denzhadanov well done on a great product. Go team Readdle!
Samantha Richardson@sofistixy · Designer
@denzhadanov Love the design! Swipe customization is simply brilliant!
Denys Zhadanov@denzhadanov · VP of Marketing at Readdle
@mirmayne No, you can download both iOS and Mac apps from Apple Stores.