A smart, fast and free email client for iPhone

Take control of your inbox. Instantly see what’s important and clean up the rest.
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Hello guys! Thank you for warm words and support. We'be been working on this for the last 18 months. I hope Spark will be on your home screen. Also, please note that this is just version 1.0 and we have a long list of things to add and improve. Mac + iPad are also coming a bit later.
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@denzhadanov Congrats to you and the team at Readdle for shipping Spark. What made you guys want to go after the email space and what's your unique take on it? Also curious to know what the business model is.
@denzhadanov I'm really glad you mention a Mac version is in the works. There are so many options for mac but nothing that really works well for me. This looks great!
@denzhadanov From Federico's review, it sounds as though Spark doesn't use send your email credentials to a cloud backend, instead doing everything on-device – is that right? I know for a lot of companies, cloud-based & IMAP is a bit of a no-go, so if everything is done locally, I'd emphasize that somewhere – seems like it's a USP.
@denzhadanov great product. I keep trying out new email clients with hopes that one will be attractive enough for me to ditch Apple mail. I'm hoping this could do it as Mailtime could not. PS: you misspelled "personalize" on the tutorial.
@denzhadanov I am beyond impressed by Spark. It is the first mail app since Mailbox or Sparrow that has actually stayed on my homescreen. Looking forward to future releases!
Installing now. Quick question, how do you guys make money on it if I don't have to buy it?
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Spark is a new email app from the team at Readdle. I know a ton of work went into this. Looking forward to checking it out. Here's an in-depth review true to @viticci's style via MacStories -
@robjama the review is incredibly in-depth! It's super-duper detailed and long... in true @viticci style :)
@robjama Spark for Mac has just been released by Readdle.
Very nice, it has everything I need but lacks support for html signature :/
This just instantly replaced Mailbox in my iPhone's dock. It's fantastic.