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I used to be a big Spark user, the UI turned me off, but this might turn me back! Any shot we'll get Read Receipts anytime? It's my core reason for using AirMail, and I'm sure a lot of others see the value in it! Otherwise @denzhadanov looks great!
@denzhadanov @justin_rockmore I love spark feature wise, BUT... for read receipts. Unfortunately, it's not something they're doing well, I tried the Beta version and the implementation was a pain. Hope to see them innovate on read receipts, and just give those who wish to use them the option for privacy, like WhatsApp does.
@denzhadanov @jpmartin Give AirMail a shot - it’s a breeze
@denzhadanov @justin_rockmore heard about it, didn't try it as I wasn't convinced they had the (almost) full feature set that Spark has. Will have another look.
@denzhadanov @justin_rockmore The only reason I'm still using another apps combined with Spark :/
@denzhadanov @justin_rockmore @jpmartin Spark is almost perfect, no read receipts it's what keeps our team from using it.
Four years ago, we've embarked on a ambitious journey - create the best email experience for professionals and their teams. But what's best? We believe that email experience can be effortless, beauitufl and collaborative. That's why the tagline for Spark is "love your email again". Inbox is where we spend time, make deals, create things and move business forward - so why do we have to experiece bad emotions while there? The new Spark is set to bring even move positive experience, and the all-new slick design. So here's whats' new: - Slick New Design - Dark Mode - Inbox with Avatars - Customize Email Actions - Open multiple windows on iPad We'd love to hear your feedback, especially if you have a team that lives by the inbox, or if you have an assistant.
@denzhadanov congratulation on the release! 2 questions 1) when would Mac app follow suit? 2) as of now avatars are displayed only for domains sourced from clearbit. when will you pick up Gmail avatars directly?
@denzhadanov pleasssseee bring back read receipts :)
Love Spark. I recently switched away from Gmail to use Spark's collaboration features to share email drafts with teammates and delegate followups.
@rrhoover Same, but for different reasons - send later, private email thread conversations. :)
@rrhoover didn't like SuperHuman?
@edisonjoao6871 Superhuman doesn't have the collaboration features I use to improve my workflow/save time. At least not yet.
@rrhoover This is awesome, Ryan. I'd love to learn more how you guys are using it as a team. We have an extensive roadmap ahead and I'd love to include your feedback so the product is better for you.
@rrhoover @andupotorac You mean the comments when you share an email?
Great update! Avatars make it just that little bit quicker to search through older emails. you guys are the perfect email client. Hoping you add a per user view, ie, clicking on a user allows us to see the previous history of emails with them and/or shared media
@manny_orduna This is a very good feature and our product team is considering it.
@denzhadanov thanks for the response!
Here’s my feedback: Spark is AWESOME! I have been using it for YEARS ( since it first became available ). I LOVE the new features! Keep up the great work!