Spark 2.0

Revolutionary email for teams

Four years ago, we decided to build an email product you’d fall in love with. We built Spark as the best email client for people who use it at home and at work.

Spark 2.0 brings:

- Discuss email with private comments

- Create email together

- Create links to email

- Built-in Calendar

- 3rd Party integrations

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My name is Philippe, CEO at Missive ( The 🍒 on the 🍰 is not that @Readdle copied @missiveapp concept, UI, styling and even wording… it’s that they call it innovation! The Spark draft collaborative composer is pretty much exactly like Missive's one. We’ve been doing this for 3 years… and they obviously knew us. If you want to help the trailblazer, try
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@readdle @missiveapp @plehoux While I empathize with you, but aren't you also doing the same thing with They've been around since 2013.
@readdle @missiveapp @imatincr We launched around the same time as Front got on the map (end of 2014). Our design hasn't change since. Compare initial Front screenshots with ours... we didn't copy anyone.
@readdle @missiveapp @plehoux Once I saw the features, and even without seeing this reply, Missive came to mind. Well, it's the world we live in. Nothing is really new. People will copy and that's what makes us human after all. That's what pushes us to becoming better. Missive must focus on owning its own market, essentially monopolising email 'clienting' in it's own unique way.
@readdle @missiveapp @plehoux I have been using Missive for one of my companies (10 team members) and Front for another (40+ team members). It took the team a long time to get used to Missive, as compared to Front, but I personally prefer Missive over Front. The Missive team is great and support is responsive. My biggest pet peeve was there were no APIs. Which the team has started working on. I really wish they would release APIs to post messages into chat conversations so that I can move the team out of Slack.
@readdle @missiveapp @kogu Thanks for the mention and feedback. You can now post any content to Missive, see (just email us for API token)
Congratulations on the release! It looks great!
@roustem Thank you Roustem !
We built Spark with a clear mission - to love our email again. Why? Email is an essential tool that is used worldwide. More than 2.2 billion people rely on it as their primary communication medium and that number continues to grow every day. What hasn’t matured and grown with the times is email itself. It’s still the same as it was 25 years ago. However, as it’s grown in adoption and become ubiquitous for communication, so have the demands and volume of email that has ultimately placed a huge burden on its users. The number one complaint people have about email is the vast amount they receive. Their Inboxes are bursting at the seams and they feel overwhelmed and not in control. Their second biggest complaint is that a lot of the email they receive isn’t relevant, social notifications, advertisements, sales, offers, chain letters, and many more. *Step 1: Build the Best Personal Email Experience* Phase 1 was our 1.x release, and we set the bar very high - build the best personal email experience. We kept our focus tight on the main problems - too much email and too much irrelevant email. The Smart Inbox was born. Seamlessly and automatically separating out your email for you into three broad categories: Personal, Notifications, and Newsletters. *Step 2: Build the Best Collaborative Email Experience* Phase 2 is Spark for Teams. While we continue to make all of the features and focus of Phase 1 better with each release, Spark for Teams expands our attention to solving these problems for businesses and teams. There are so many ways to communicate today. You can email, chat, call, have a hallway conversation, etc. Now you have a discussion that has taken place in multiple locations. This makes it very difficult to follow up or track a conversation. What did we decide on X? I think Patrick said to look for the Marketing figures on some website. Where did that happen? Things fall through the cracks, some people are left out, and you’re not working effectively. We added the ability to privately comment in a conversation, in-context with a complete history of the discussion all in one place. Not only can you invite people to chat about a conversation, but you can also invite them to help you create an email, draft a reply together all within Spark. Or, create a link to a specific email message or conversation and share it in internal docs to give your team more context. We’ve also added a full-featured calendar. We believe that events and email have stunning synergies and we can bridge the gap that exists in solutions offered today. Collaborative email was born. *Step 3: Build a Communication Assistant You Can’t Live Without* There are lots of tools out there today that help you manage your Inbox. You have server-side rules, spam filters, plugins, third-party services, and real people who manage your Inbox for you. The tools and the technology are there, but they’re complicated or inaccessible which essentially makes them useless. Unless you are big-time CEO or have an assistant that manages your Inbox for you, to most people these are out of reach financially or technically. We believe we can solve both of those problems with the perfect digital assistant. One that knew you. One that you could trust. An assistant that learned from you and the way you interact with your email. One that understood all of that underlying and unused technology and let you focus on just the stuff that matters. That’s our next step.
@denzhadanov I have an assistant. Using the new team features, can I assign email to her and have her assign email to me? Also, can I give other people on my team accesss to some (but not all!) of my emails? Been using your app for months. It’s phenomenal!
@denzhadanov it's freaking awesome. our entire team already using new features 🤹

The app is great! You have done a huge work!


Create links to email - for me, it's the feature which is really need


Only for apple device) yet I understand that this audience is not so solvent as it would be desirable, maybe

I and my team were waiting for the release so much. Everything looks amazing and great. Congrats!