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#2 Product of the DayDecember 08, 2014
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I wish the website was as descriptive initially as your post here on Product Hunt. Pretty difficult at first to determine what it is you can do with this. Considering money is involved, makes it a bit sketchy to trust it. Interesting idea though.
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love the concept and the initial onboarding process. unfortunately, i'm stuck with no tasks to complete. maybe include previous tasks that were already done and offer a significantly smaller payout just to get people going? if you help them make $5 in 5 minutes immediately, you'll have them hooked and coming back for a while.
@taylorhou It's not really clear if you can earn $5? It's focussed on 5 minutes of spare time, wonder if people posting the tasks can define the reward or that it's always 5$ per 5 minute task?
@taylorhou @bramk Different tasks will feature different pricing and duration. The complexity or specific expertise a given task (e.g., knowledge of interior design fundamentals) helps determine who is targeted for the work, and what the value is. It's early – we're adding more tasks as we go, and learning at each step.
@bramk @shobe yup. again. nothing against the product. It's something I wanted to build myself for the hordes of retail employees standing around folding clothes. =) you've got the initial impression of someone installing and authenticating with facebook to get them hooked. I've checked back twice now and still no tasks to even try. as a product champion, I'll keep coming back cus I'm genuinely interested in the product but most other people aren't as "champion-y" and will lose interest or even remove the app cus they didn't get any value. best of luck regardless. get some menial tasks in there just for users to try!
@bramk @taylorhou Much appreciated; we're on the case. Better onboarding flow work is in process.
@taylorhou @shobe agree with the above, excited to see where you're going!
Mechanical Turk for Mobile
Disclaimer: I hunted this app, but I did not create this app.
@vral Thanks Veeral. I'm here for general product questions for the team.
Interesting idea, excited to give it a try. Will the app send me a notification when a task is available for me?
@timjahn Not _yet_ – but we'll get there. A neverending world of pull-to-refresh is not one I wanna live in either.