SpaceX Companion

The unofficial SpaceX companion app πŸš€

SpaceX Companion is the unofficial SpaceX companion app. SpaceX Companion lets you keep track of the upcoming launches and latest (historical) details living inside the SpaceX Universe. This app is still in very active development. New features will be added in upcoming updates.

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@jeroenboumans @rogervaessen please tell me there's an iOS version of this coming soon πŸš€
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@rogervaessen @amrith Thank you for your interest in the iOS version of @spacexcompanion! At the moment an iOS version isn't on the roadmap.. yet. A larger interest could mean there will be an iOS version in the future :)
@jeroenboumans +1 for iOS!! πŸ’ͺ
Thanks so much! This is definitely the best SpaceX fan app ever made - super-comprehensive, has unique features and great design. It deserves to be #1 product of the day! I've already tweeted about it, posted on /r/spacex and relevant discord channels - if there's anything else I can do to help, I'm very happy to!
@booligoosh Thank you Ethan for your kind words! Please remember the app is still in Beta and more features will be added in upcoming releases. Glad to have you on board and thanks for spreading the word! :)
I love that this is Android-only for a change. Even though I'm on iOS. Very clean, too. Nice job!
@joshuapinter Thanks for the kind words! :) Depending on the animo of the application a native iOS version could be possible in the future.
@joshuapinter whoops, I guess "animo" is a only-dutch word ;) I meant something like "demand". We're releasing v1.0 on Android first to examine the the amount of users downloading the application. So, if everything goes well and there's enough interest in an iOS version, big chance an iOS version is coming as well.

Thanks so much! This is definitely the best SpaceX fan app ever made - super-comprehensive, has unique features and great design. This has earned a spot on my home-screen, and I'll be using it a lot. Further into the future, a web app would also be cool but prioritise new awesome mobile features over that πŸ˜‰


Wonderful design, WAY more features than other similar apps, has some unexpectedly useful sections such as an acronym glossary and timeline


Luckily I have Android, but I can't recommend it to my friends who use iOS yet! But kudos for supporting Android before iOS πŸ™ŒπŸ“±πŸ”₯

@booligoosh Thanks again for the kind words! Really appreciate your opinion and time putting into this. Sidenote: next beta-update (v0.6.0) will be live around friday conaining the countdown Widget and minor optimizations. We'll then set the release date for v0.7.0 which is very likely to be the last release before v1.0 goes live. Btw, thanks for the coffee! πŸ’›β˜•
Update: we've decided to put SpaceX Companion from beta to production. I've updated the Play Store decsription and created a release post on (reddit). Thanks all for your interest and have a great launch! :)