The easiest way to build a website for your community.

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Create a community website today within minutes. Perfect for alumni networks, startup incubators, co-working spaces and niche community groups.

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Ryan Hoover
Ryan HooverPro@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
There are a bunch of semi-white label community platforms like Discourse, Spectrum, and Mighty Networks. Community looks clean! How does this compare/differ, @arjunrajkumar? Also why the name "Community"? It seems too generic and difficult to Google, imho.
Ken Wallace
Ken Wallace@boaticus · Founder of
@arjunrajkumar @rrhoover I agree with Ryan here, I think you're gonna have some problems with the name. Here are 3: 1/ It's so generic as to be nearly unprotectable from a trademark standpoint. 2/ it will make SEO ranking for your brand name nearly impossible because its such a popular, common search term, and the results will always be really confusing and muddied with more generic information about "community". 3/ it's confusingly similar to the trademarked CMNTY brand name (, which is yet another white label-able software platform that helps brands create web communities. You may consider pivoting your name... just to steer clear of all this hassle, and prevent confusion in search results. All that said, names are easy to change. Your software looks really nice! Congrats on the launch!
Arjun Rajkumar
Arjun RajkumarMaker@arjunrajkumar
Thanks @rrhoover. Discourse is great but mainly for community forums. Mighty Networks is also really good. I did download their app, and their on-boarding process and UI is so clean and easy.. Haven’t really looked at Spectrum yet. I initially built this for a client - and the specific use case they had was not met by the ones you mentioned. Just to mention a few: 1. They wanted a central newsfeed somewhat similar to how Twitter was but for their community. 2. The client wanted to promote each community members skills. Each community member’s skills (e.g writer, programmer etc) and each community members company services (e.g architect, Travel agency) had to be made visible and easily found via search, so that their community members also use the platform to get more work for themselves or their company. 3. Community events are also a little different. Both community members and non-members can attend events Both @boaticus and you are right with the name being too generic. I initially went for this as each business which creates a community gets their own subdomain (e.g - and that made sense if they promoted it to their customers. But I assume most businesses will host this under their own website - eg .com Bootstrapping this and my initial priority is just to do sales / cold calls / offline meets and sell to 100 communities first. Right now SEO, branding isn’t that important for this very early phase. Ken, really good points. Definitely have to think on this more ! Thanks.
Arjun Rajkumar
Arjun RajkumarMaker@arjunrajkumar
Hey all! This basically is an easy way to build a community website. A community website is something that includes a newsfeed, messages, profiles pages, events/groups etc. I built this initially for a client who was using Whatsapp and FB groups to manage her community. But decided to build a community website builder as this will be useful for more people - alumni networks, startup incubators, co-working spaces and niche community groups. It's in Beta as I want to slowly introduce more communities but the product is ready. If you have any questions, do let me know. Happy to show you a free trial for anyone running a community. Thanks! Arjun