Explore space with Oculus Rift (pre-launch)

Ambitious idea. When I was a kid (or a younger kid since I'm 16 :P) I always wanted to build rockets. Never with the dream of going to space but maybe have a small go-pro take video and then come down safely. (I had some pretty intricate plans on how to get it up there if you're curious). I was actually apart of this robotics team that help launch something that made it to ISS. I was around 7 or 8 and I did all I could haha. I hope I can one day pilot these with an oculus and this looks like its the start. I am so FLOORED to try this out!
@erikfinman Thanks for hunting Erik! The Spheres are awesome!
@ryantholmes Can't wait to try! If you guys manage to trigger the 'overview effect' and get the whole world to use it this could eventually result in.... world peace?! :D
@pieterpaul That's the goal! Thanks for your support Pieter!
Thanks Laurent! Yes! A bit different. :)
I've seen some of the early mockups of this and it looks really cool. I'd be willing to pay to try it out too, however I can't see myself using this more than a couple times.
@zushizack Thanks Zack. I'm hoping we can capture a much more deep experience that can provide recurring value to people at different points in their life.