Help your distributed team coordinate across time zones 🌎

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Hi y'all, maker of Spacetime here! We built Spacetime to make it easier for distributed teams like ours at Planetary to coordinate with each other. Additionally, we want to build empathy and transparency across the space that separates us, so we built in weather data to give us one more thing to chat around the digital water cooler. For now, Spacetime consists of a web interface and a Slack bot. We'll be building the product over the coming months to include more helpful features, like more detailed availability scheduling, and more options for filtering and grouping large teams. The rest of the Planetary team will be here to answer any questions; we're looking forward to hearing your feedback! ✌️
@ilikescience Hey Matthew, real cool 😄 We were about to build just that for Stacktical. Cloud office is the new office so I'm sure many will love it as well. 👌🏾
@wilhempujar awesome! let me know what you think if y'all end up using it; our email address is
Awesome, this looks great! One of my teams is across 3 countries and 4 times zones. I usually use but it is a pain in the a$$ to use. Having this straight in our Slack is a major bonus too! .. hope it works :)
@husseinyahfoufi we hope it works, too! lemme know if you run into any trouble; just email
This is awesome!
This looks amazing as a tool. Do you have any plans for expanding outside of Slack teams? I'm a freelancer with clients in different timezones (Australia, Europe and the US). I'd love a tool like this to have an overview of their timezones.
@dr Appreciate the feedback! No plans for a standalone version yet, but we've been looking at other ways to allow integration of the tool into teams' workflows. We'll keep it in mind!
Just tried to signup and get an "Internal Server Error" from the auth callback
@tomfrew We're finding some fun new bugs with all the love with Product Hunt! Thanks for mentioning it — we just pushed an update that should take care of your issue. Let me know if you're still having problems — and thanks for using SpaceTime 🚀