Spaces by Google

Small group sharing for everything in life

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Ryan Hoover
@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
Google+ 2.0? From what I've read, Spaces is more focused on small communities focused on specific topics (e.g. comics), similar to many Facebook Groups. @lukew shares more about the upcoming launch on the Google blog, rolling out today.
Josh Holland
@anowlcalledjosh · Spare-time developer
The nasty scrolling on the launch page sucks. I don't want to have to scroll a million times to read six sentences, dammit!
Maximilian Alexander
@mbalex99 · amazement
This sounds cool but I'm starting to get fatigue from material design. Small groups concept with material design feel more like a standard hotel room instead of an AirBnb.
Reggie Cole
@pixelenglish · Volunteer, Kramden Institute
Seems I'm here a bit early "Product will be live shortly, check back soon" How long is shortly, cause I'm ready to check this out. Edit: The App is NOW live!
Shannon Moore
@hellosmoore · Product Manager @ HomeAdvisor
Whether or not you like the idea, I think we can all agree that the whole landing page is seriously cool and creative.