Remember the important things in your life

Using time spaced repetition techniques, you can permanently store information in your brain, instead of the cloud.
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Hello, people of Product Hunt. Ever since COVID-19, I've taken upon building a side project to help with my memory problem. I'm a fan of the spaced time repetition technique, but the current solutions out there just isn't for me. I'm in the terminal most of the time, and I thought it would be great if I can exercise my memory while waiting on tests and builds to finish. Looking forward to everyone's feedback and thoughts.
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I too been suffering from forgetting things. I don't know if I'm just getting older or I just have too many things on my mind, but after using this a little bit, I find this to be extremely effective, thanks.
@jae_lee7 we're getting older and as technology takes over, we're offloading more and more to them.
Thanks everyone for checking out spacedtime. I created a video talking about how the launch went.
@jleebiz this is great for the current era! Have you noticed how quickly time seems to be going by when you're in quarantine, too? It seems like, when there are environmental, social, or otherwise random differences, the brain doesn't create any reference points in time. So, every day in the past blends into all the days before it. What is the practical application of SpacedTime? Is it for memorization (e.g. studying for certain kinds of tests)? Do you think it could be used to deliberately create those reference points for experiential memory I'm talking about?
@rossbaltimore thanks Ross! I am thinking of purposing Spacedtime for not studying, but to remember personal things. There are other flashcards out there for the purposes of learning vocabulary and languages. To me they are suited for adding in personal information like my driver license or information about my family.