Sourcegraph provides IDE-like tools for GitHub to make code search, browsing and navigating code more delightful. Get multi-repo search, jump to definition, find references, and file tree navigation.

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Hey PH, Matt from Sourcegraph here. The Sourcegraph browser extension gives IDE-like tools to GitHub. You can download it here: With it you can: - Hover over any symbol for type info and documentation - Click a symbol to jump to definition and find references (even in other repositories) - Search for code like you're in an IDE (goodbye GitHub search) - Navigate repositories with a file tree Our extension works on both public and private code and you can customize your experience in the options page. We would love your feedback! Matt

I find this extension really helpful when exploring unfamiliar code.


Provides editor like functionality while browsing code on GitHub. Gives you context around GitHub code you wouldn't otherwise have.


Does not support all languages. Only supports Go, TypeScript, Python, and Java.