Ben Miller
Ben Miller reviewedSour GrapesAuto-hide any negativity on your Facebook ads and posts.
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seems to be built well / designed well


I'm really against this kind of censorship

I just feel like this is exactly what the country doesn't need. We need to hear from everyone, process feedback, and grow. How can you improve yourself without negativity?

Are you block this comment? lol

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Troy Osinoff
Troy Osinoff@yo · Angel Investor
Thanks, Ben! I understand the censorship concern, but Sour Grapes is more of a tool to block out trolls from ruining a perfectly good post or ad. Nothing is deleted, only hidden and it's easy to unhide anything within your real-time dash on Sour Grapes. Too many times have we launched ads for clients where someone will post that the product is bad or "dumb" when in fact we know they never even purchased one :(
Michael Lisovetsky
Michael Lisovetsky@_liso_ · Founder @JUICELabsNYC.
Hi Ben, keep in mind that this is simply enhancing a native feature of the Facebook platform that was very carefully designed to not censor. If this were deleting comments I agree, but we don't do anything of the sort.
Ben Miller
Ben Miller@bem · Freelance Creative Strategist
@_liso_ ok that makes a bit more sense to me! Thanks for responding. It's a fine line for brands between blocking trolls and blocking feedback, so it's good to hear you guys are thinking about that!