Turn music and sounds into beautiful art

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Increasingly I'm seeing DIY art (Instagram-based Plaid Print from earlier today is another example). Upload a sound or record your own to translate it into a artistic wave. Here's a visual of Gang Starr, Moment of Truth: Music is the obvious example but something more personal, like a baby's first words as they suggest, is really neat. IMHO, the best art has a personal meaning or story behind it. Disclaimer: it sounds like I'm being paid to pitch SoundViz but I'm just genuinely jazzed about it.
@rrhoover OK, I'm going to point it out. You used the word "jazzed" here and in your Medium post. Trying to bring it back? ;) In all seriousness, this is super cool. I've always enjoyed following along with the shape of the songs on Soundcloud. Reminds me of watching tracks in ProTools when recording.
@lylemckeany sorry, meant to use "radical".
@lylemckeany @rrhoover Let's bring "jazzed" back. I officially declare it a thing.
I'm into this. I've spent so many years looking at waveforms. Might print up some of my favourite rekkids.
@davidkmckinney Yeah. This is pretty sweet David.
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Love this - idea of doing baby's first words etc is great!
A nice product, since people are increasingly looking for things that can express their individuality!