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Functional music for better sleep, focus and relaxation

Sounds and stories designed with the latest clinical research to help you achieve better sleep, focus, relaxation, meditation, breathing, energy levels, and more.
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CEO C4Media Inc.

I've been using soundly for several months now, almost daily for focus music as well as meditative background music while I'm in airports, transit, etc. Soundly provides a sound track for my life. :) The playlist feature also allowed me to make an audible POMODORO feature, where the sound changes after 24 minutes to a 5 minute break sound and then back, this has been a game changer for productivity.


High quality original sound recordings in a beautiful UX allowing for remixing into new sounds. Great library of sounds to draw from.


There is almost too much choice and too much beautiful icons in soundly, discovery is a challenge.

Fullstack Developer

Good job on this! It feels very complete, I can ditch at least 3 other applications because Soundly has features for meditation, sleep and focus.


Beautiful interface, clean and easy to use from the start, high quality sounds, Audio Fusion ✨



CEO, Pzizz
Thanks for checking it out @alin23 ! Are there any particular features or content you'd like to see added?

Before I started using Soundly about a month ago, I had already been using Pzizz for years (especially the focuscapes and dreamscapes) and it was one of the best apps of that sort that I’ve tried (I also like brain.fm and focus@will, but just found myself using Pzizz more often). So I already had HUGE trust in the team behind Soundly and have not been disappointed after using the app for about a month now. I love that with Soundly we now have the possibility to combine the soundscapes we got to love in Pzizz and some exciting new ones and, as usual, the look and feel of the app is great - I’m a big fan of essentialism and this is something this app gets just right. There is no clutter and it’s very easy to navigate. It’s a pleasure to use it (and makes studying and working more fun!). Please keep up the great work! :)


- it just works - I’ve got great results with the focus and sleep modules - beautiful UI - use is easy and intuitive


- I’d love to see some more sounds, but I’ve seen there is an option in the app to make suggestions, so I’m gonna use that ;-)