Soundboard Studio

A completely new professional soundboard app for iPhone/iPad

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Lee Marzetti
  • Pros: 

    it looks good!


    doesn't import names from iTunes library, hard to organise

    because soundboard is dying from neglect, I've been trying lots of other options. this looked promising but it still doesn't do what it should do. If you're importing from iTunes, it doesn't bring across the titles, so you have to rename every single file one at a time. They've said it's because iTunes doesn't allow this, but soundboard manages to do it. Organising the files is hard too - you can move one at a time and each time you have to exit edit mode and re-enter it. So close but there are too many things wrong with this to use it and they refuse to admit these things might be useful.

    Lee Marzetti has used this product for one year.
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Jamie McIntyre
Jamie McIntyre@jamie_mci · Founder, Rewire Capital
Hate to be that guy, but I don't get it. The demo video showed a person loading up ten songs. The functionality doesn't seem that much different than a music playlist and it's being sold for 19.99. My apologies if I am missing something.
Joe Allen
Joe AllenMaker@joeallenpro · Founder, JoeAllenPro
@jamie_mci The key difference is applying individual settings to each track, like individual volume levels, looping individual tracks and playing multiple tracks simultaneously. Designed more specifically for podcasting, radio shows and live performances etc. More info on the website:
David T. Cole
David T. Cole@glark · Through Methods
Oddly, there more of these type of sound cart apps on iOS than OSX where I'd really use it. Soundboard by Ambrosia is slowly dying due to neglect and other offerings are subpar.