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But can I book with @fatjew? [heh]
I think this is one of those true "finally" moments. After tons of anticipation, and likely some heartache, SoulCycle just released their first official app for iPhone, which lets you book a bike quickly and easily. You can also preview studio layouts, bookmark specific classes, and learn about instructors along with new types of specialty types. I've only poked around for a few minutes, but it seems pretty speedy and well-designed. Good use of white space with the classic yellow logo and thick black typeface to accent specific actions.
If I'm Comedy Central, I piggyback on this and release a "Soulstice" app..
I'm so glad there is now an app. The number of times I've missed a bike or a class because I was not at my computer waiting for the clock to strike noon on Monday.....
@corleyh can't wait to go :)
I've heard a lot of good things about SC. I don't live near one unfortunately. Can someone explain how it differs from, say, a normal spin class at my gym?
@callmeed Unlike any other spin class I've tried. I describe it as dancing on a bike. You kind of have to experience it to believe it. Typical spin classes focus on Torq and speed. Music may be good or bad. Some (very good) spin classes even create a competitive environment - which can be great for all of us Type A folks...but none of that (IMHO) is as good as SoulCycle. The beauty of SoulCycle is that the entire class moves to the beat of the music TOGETHER. So the energy of the class is like one group moving together - everyone pedaling at the same speed, moving at the same rhythm. The best classes are really hard, but with an energy of a well choreographed dance troupe. So if you love music, love to sweat and believe that an environment contributes to the outcome - then you'd love SoulCycle. PS - I am SUPER impressed by the guys who rock the classes. There are a few guys over 6 feet tall that move through class like dancers. IT IS AMAZING. If you are ever in a city that has one, give it a try.