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Slack tool that gives a snapshot of all your team's projects

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I am the lead developer on SOTU. Here are some tidbits on our tech stack: Web App
  • React - The best front end JavaScript we’ve used. It hasn’t received many new features in the last year, but the maturity of plugins and best practices is growing by leaps and bounds.
  • Jest - The star of JavaScript testing in 2016. The test runner and snapshot testing are game-changing.
  • Redux - The incredibly popular state management library for JavaScript. We are using it for Firebase and Routing. We still use setState for simple parts of the app like editing a status or pinging a channel.
  • Webpack - The best build tool for the web.
  • react-redux-firebase - The best way we’ve found to integrate Firebase into React. Works surprisingly well for how new it is. We’re using a custom fork for a few small tweaks.
  • Babel - Can browsers run code that’s not compiled with Babel?
  • Lodash and Moment.js - So indispensable they should be transpiled by Babel.
  • Tachyons - A functional CSS library that made building SOTU a dream. Warning, it’s an acquired taste, but it’s worth it.
  • Firebase - An amazing real-time database that works on the front and backend. We lean on Firebase prototypes to production apps.
  • Jest - The star of JavaScript testing in 2016. The test runner and snapshot testing are game-changing.
  • Serverless - A lovely command line tool for deploying many AWS services. We could not have managed the complexity of multiple environments and functions on Lambda without it.
  • Serverless Webpack - An essential plugin for Serverless that makes bundling and transpiling code for AWS Lambda a breeze.
  • AWS Lambda - A fantastic service by Amazon for hosting functions that run and are billed on demand.
  • AWS API Gateway - A service by Amazon that we use to connect HTTP API requests to our Lambda functions.
@mutewinter 哈哈哈
Ryan Hoover
Founder of Product Hunt & Weekend Fund
We're seeing so many productivity-focused Slack integrations. I wonder which of these will become built-in features within Slack itself.
Aden TranterCofounder of Comit & Coder
@rrhoover dead right, there are so many plugins nowdays for slack and there is a bunch of them that would be amazing if they were directly written into slack. I abuse the feedback area within slack im pretty much telling them what to add.