Comments on “Sortd for Gmail
Corley@corleyh · COO @ Product Hunt
I just downloaded Sortd and am starting to use it. The UI is clean. It will take a few days to see if the features are simple enough to stick with or too complex to be useful day to day. I do feel like it is an automated version of @andreasklinger 's awesome approach to gmail.
Wayne Silbermann@waynesilby · Co-founder,
@andreasklinger @corleyh I am a fan of Andreas's email workflow. We have tried to keep Sortd really flexible so people can tailor it to the way they work with email. You can easily rename and re-order the default lists for example, and even add more if you need. Sortd is really good at a few things that Gmail isn't, so you might find it quite easy to use … See more
Corley@corleyh · COO @ Product Hunt
@waynesilby I'll definitely keep you posted.
Brandon Hull@brandonhull · Founder, Side Project Plan
@waynesilby When you change the subject of an email, how does that work, exactly? I can see how to do it -- but since that's not a native feature of Gmail, is that only happening within Sortd? If I were to view my emails outside of Sortd (like via mobile), are the original subject lines intact?
Wayne Silbermann@waynesilby · Co-founder,
@brandhull We store the new subject on our side with a reference to the original mail. You are right, the original subject remains intact when you view view emails outside of Sortd. We've just released a mobile app - it's still got a way to go before you can use it as a replacement email experience on your mobile, but it allows you to manage all of your Sort… See more
Jayne Bayquen@jaynekdesigns · Web Developer + Graphic Designer, JKD
@corleyh I've tried @andreasklinger's approach to email and love it! BUT I kinda wanted the Priority Inbox sorting features too. So with Sortd you get the best of both worlds and I'm such a fan!
Artem Russakovskii@artem_russakovskii
@corleyh @andreasklinger So are you still using Sortd, Corley?
Narek Vardanyan@narek_vardanyan
@waynesilby I just started to use Sortd and it's great. I have one concern though as it is conflicting with my other favorite gmail extension - Streak... any ideas, on how to make those two work together?
Nick Timms@nptimms ·
@corleyh @andreasklinger I'd love to get your view on DragApp. Given your experience with Sortd, I'd really appreciate what your thinking is, as a comparable product to Sortd, Trello etc. We are in beta, and evolving fast. Here is our Product Roadmap:
Marco Burgin@marco_burgin · Marketing Executive at ReplyUp
@corleyh @andreasklinger I’m a big fan of Sortd. After install it is quite a ‘big’ tool to operate and takes over Gmail which is good for some people but can also a bit prohibitive. Drag has just gone live on PH today: It’s really early stage and I’ve tried it this morning. Love it, but a long way to go. What is everyon… See more
Mars Negrette@marsnegrette · Founder, LOLA. Assistant for relax.
@waynesilby not working anymore?