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I'm the founder of All Aboard!. We're happy paying customers of Sorry. We were just looking for something simple that didn't require us to make a bunch of coding, integration or design changes. Sorry has definitely delivered on that for us. Moreover, Robin (I haven't had the pleasure of meeting Robert yet) has been so enjoyable to work with. He took the time to do the status page design for us based on our landing page and colors - I didn't ask for this, he just did it for us. Most of us think about status pages as an afterthought - something to do when a problem pops up. These guys LIVE this stuff and also give great feedback on our messaging. Robin got on a Skype call with me and helped me outline our disaster response and messaging strategy. I was making the classic mistake of updating our status page with "X is wrong" without really explaining what this means to customers or what we should do about it. They have since encapsulated this into their excellent guide: There are a ton of different ways to do status pages. In the end I just really enjoyed being a customer of these guys. They are hard-working, humble guys slowly building a useful product. They remind me a lot of Joel Gascoigne when he started building Buffer - people you just want to see succeed.
@kevindewalt Thanks so much for the kind words! Consider this our introduction, It's a pleasure to meet you, Robin has only good things to say about you. Really pleased to hear that we've been able to help grow your perspective on service status - you have done much the same with us when it comes to the way we tackle on-boarding. With such kind support from people like yourself it gives me a great sense of hope that we'll see Sorry™ grow and succeed.
Hello Hunters. We've built Sorry™ which is a simple Status Page service. We hope we can help de-stress companies and their customers when the shit hits the fan. Now feels like the right time to open up discussions here on Product Hunt. Both Robin and I are here to respond personally; despite having nervous sweaty hands we look forward to chatting.​
Looks freaking awesome! I'll give it a try later this week and probably keep it :) Though, I think that having a demo page wouldn't hurt ;)
@jpvalery well you have the but having some others displayed would be cool. Maybe select the best from your clients so you involve and engage them, while showing real cases to the world ?
@jpvalery Thanks JP - I completely agree we could do a better job of showcasing our customers, it's something we've been talking about amongst ourselves recently too. You may have seen AwesomeWall launch on PH recently, and they use us for their status page ( You can also see @kevindewalt talking about in his kind comments above.
@robingeall @jpvalery That's partly why ProductHunt is here ;) So you can get feedbacks and ideas and improve ;)
"These guys LIVE this stuff and also give great feedback on our messaging." - so so important! Their guide is fantastic. Nice launch!
@sarahleeyoga Hey Sarah, Thank you for the comment about our guide, it's certainly a living breathing piece of work that will continue to grow.
How's it compare to ?
@_jacksmith Thanks Jack that's a great question. So the core status page product is the same but we do things a little different. Focussing on the human response rather than robotic status updates. We offer Full control over status page theming, with pro developer tools. We have a fair pricing model which allows access to all of our features. Whilst the platform can be customised to suit you, we do steer away from confusing dev-ops stuff like performance metrics as default.