Songs To Dance To

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Happy to see my good friend @jessiewould put this out into the world. She's great at music discovery. I think you guys will dig this @dshan, @rrhoover, & @danpolaske.
@lylemckeany Thanks, Lyle! I'm pretty stoked to get this out there, it's been stewing in my head for a while. This is my small attempt at improving the music discovery process, which has been broken for a long time. Every little bit helps! Thanks to Noon Pacific and @dshan's Music Geeks for the inspiration.
This is so freakin' cool. And it's not your average ''yay, yay let's get a little dancey'' music, it's more like some classy stuff that goes under the radar quite often. You got me at play.
@juanpablosarmi Thanks, Juan! I spend a lot of time seeking out lesser known music, so this is much appreciated.
@jessiewould dude, you have to release a daily version, seriously, what about releasing a PartyMusicHunter ? accepting submissions and curating them !
@jessiewould I'd love to curate sometimes :)
@juanpablosarmi dude, a daily version would be so much work, holy crap! This is the first edition and even then I'm using old songs. If you want to help, send me and email at :)
Niiiiice love music projects. Loving the first mix:)
@dshan thanks Derek!
@dshan Thanks Derek! Means a lot coming from the music man. :)
@jessiewould This is amazing! I'm not a big Electronic person, but all of the stuff I heard was pretty good. Also, S2D2 as a brand is awesome. Let's turn this into a real product soon.
@MarketerGraham Thanks! Let's talk soon.