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state of the art vocal removal sevice


not as effective as Phonicmind prices per song are high No preview feature Production time is too long

This site strives to create songs minus the lead vocal for a fee. I decided to test it with a song that had heavy reverb. It took 24 hours for them to produce this. The results were not as hoped. There was still reverb that could be heard in the background. I then tried the same song with Phonicmind and the results were better, less reverb could be heard and the turnaround time was much quicker. The price for the song was also cheaper ($4 compared to $5)

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Brenton@brentobox · Entrepreneur and Cat Fanatic
Hi @catfancier, thank you for your feedback, it is very helpful! At Song Peel we strive to make our service better and better every day. Please keep in mind however that no two songs are the same and when the separation process works well on one service, it may not be so great on another, and vice-versa. As for the turnaround time, it is clearly stated on our website that it takes 24-hours or less to process a song. However, in most cases, the turnaround time is usually far less than that. To be honest, we are surprised to hear that it took the max time of 24-hours to receive your processed song files back. Finally, it's important to note that we are dedicated to customer satisfaction which is why we offer a 30-day money back guarantee on all orders, something our competitors are not willing to provide. If you haven't already taken advantage of our refund policy, then we encourage you to do so. We never want our customers to feel like they are getting ripped off. Once again, thank you for your feedback. Constructive criticism is always welcomed!