Song Exploder - "Bob's Burgers" Theme by Loren Bouchard

Loren created the show and explains writing the theme song

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yes! I love Bob's Burgers and I've been meaning to find a SE episode to try out =)
@alexcartaz Bob's Burgers has grown on me, including the theme song. P.S. Song Exploder is such an awesome concept. Looking forward to digging into the back catalog.
Great episode -- tried listening to this podcast a while back, but was unable to get hooked (probably because I don't listen to any other music than Top 40 radio, if anything). My suspicion is that this podcast is best for me (and may be for others, too!) when it's discussing a song I know and enjoy, as this one was. :)
Never seen Bob's Burgers (I'm missing out on so much pop culture living outside the US...) but I absolutely love this idea for a podcast. My mind immediately made a connection to (Rap) Genius and their evolution into different content. It would be cool to see a Song Exploder for specific pieces in other genres, such as elucidating what the author behind a longer piece was thinking as they put that together, to see what else they considered and what didn't make it in, what was left out but still important. Thanks for hunting this @matthartman!
Hey, thanks for checking out this episode, everyone, and thanks @matthartman for posting it!