Some words for me

Simple journaling via email and SMS πŸ“

#3 Product of the DayAugust 04, 2019
We send you an email or text at a time you choose every day.
You simply reply to the message however you want (short/long form writing, an emoji).
We then collect your entries into an online journal.
Your information is stored securely and privately.
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One of the problems I've had with writing is that I thought it needs to be pages and pages long. This takes away all of the pain and simplifies it into an easy ans simple way to write. I especially like the ability to send in entries via email
@sudosays When I got started I only did 2-3 sentences a day. Over time it got easier and easier to write and I found myself doing a page, 2 pages a day. That is my intention with Some words for me. For people to build this awesome habit :)
I just wrote my first journal entry in ages, feels good. Also between all the work emails that I get - it's so welcome having an email that's just between me and myself. <3 Really love the product so far.
@whitney_tennant Thanks for the awesome words Whitney! I'm happy you're enjoying it so far!
A few years ago I started writing every day. It started out with just one or two sentences, then turned into half a page, then a full page. Everyone knows that keeping a journal is one of the best things you can do for yourself, but it's a habit that is hard to stick to. That is why I created Some words for me. So that I (and you) will never miss a journal entry again.
This is really a great and intuitive product. It brings a whole new meaning to having your head in the clouds.
@json_ I should be marketing this as MaaS - Memories as a Service ;)
Love the idea. Is it possible to export all entries? That's, at least for me, very important.
@and_php I have it on my list to finish that feature in the next day or two. Entries will be exportable to CSV and text :)
@thedrmcbadass Great! Then I'll sign up for your product of course. :) Really awesome idea.
@and_php I just finished adding the feature (I had a bit of downtime), you can now download all your entries from your account page! :)
@thedrmcbadass One more question... Is it also possible to submit multiple entries per day? And any time I want? Or I have to wait for the reminder message first?
@and_php You can submit as many entries as you want, at any time of day. You will only receive the reminder once though