Solving Product Design Exercises

Prepare for your next UX/product design job interview


"Solving Product Design Exercises: Interview Questions & Answers" is a highly practical book for preparing for design interviews and practicing digital design skills.

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  • Braxton Huff 🙌🏻
    Braxton Huff 🙌🏻Creator traveling the world 🙌🏻

    Everything and more that you need to know about product design exercises is in this book


    None that I have found

    I had the chance to beta-read Artiom’s book before it was published and give some feedback. Ironically after reading it, I received a design exercise for a potential internship and applied everything listed in the book to ways to solve it. This is a resource that you can’t find anywhere else

    It touches on many details & supplies resources that I would not have learned about or utilized otherwise. It’s great for anyone who is becoming a designer, is a designer, or wants more information on design exercises.

    Almost each page in my copy of the book has a note on it. There is so much beneficial information throughout the book. It has maximized my understanding of how to do a design exercise and what else is expected of me.

    I appreciate the hard work that was put into this book and can’t wait for further books or tips.

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