Snap a pic of a multiple choice question, get the answer.

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Hey, I'm Daniel! My twin brother Robert and I are both 17 year old high school juniors and developed Solvely, the app that solves multiple choice questions! Given a picture of a multiple choice question, Solvely will give an answer determined from AI technology that we have developed. Solvely will answer any question from any subject as long as the question isn't a math problem, word problem, or anything requiring lots of critical thought. Solvely's accuracy depends on how difficult the question is, we encourage you all to try it out and let us know what you think! We have seen it getting better than 90 percent on some of our Psychology and History assignments but it can struggle on anything that is incredibly complex. Solvely is meant to be used as a tool for answering homework assignments, it's not meant to be used as a cheating tool. We have seen large spikes in use of Solvely after school hours as kids complete homework. Check out Solvely on the iOS App Store! We do have future plans for an Android release, but stuck to iOS for our initial launch. Thanks! - Daniel Christopher, Developer of Solvely
Great concept! But what is the real use case for this app? I think the only time someone would Google-less, they'd be taking the actual test, making the app more an aid for cheating than learning. I love the idea so tell me why I'm wrong.
@aidan Hey Aidan! Good point! We plan to explain concepts behind each answer choice in a future release to give the extra boost of learning that google provides. Right now, we can probably obtain an answer much quicker than it would take for a user to google and formulate an answer to a harder question. Also, we definitely do get questions wrong. But the first step in moving this product along was getting something working and released!
I want to up vote but have to wait until its precise. Even one wrong answer will break the trust I have with the product. Second guessing will drive me crazy. Point is, keep working on this until its magical and I see a future game changer. Especially if I was still in school!
@ariehmovtady Thanks Arieh! I completely understand. We definitely will work at improving the accuracy!
Possibly a good thought. Yet improvisation in accuracy is very important for Solvely's success.
@steffiseka Thanks! We are definitely working at improving it's accuracy.