Solid Shampoo

Ideal for travellers. Organic & Cruelty-free.


Solid Shampoo is a convenient solution for travelling! Plus, it´s organic and cruelty-free. You can pre-buy our products at Indiegogo!

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Raphaël Brière
Aisena Ivanova
Sofia Vieira
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  • Pros: 

    Save space


    European product :(

    You are saying it is for travelling, but i'm huge fan of everything that can save space in any day-to-day situation. And if it is really like 3 bottles of shampoos than it worth it ! Less plastic, less trash, less time to the convenience store. :)

    Raphaël Brière has never used this product.
  • Sofia Vieira
    Sofia VieiraProduto developer, VeganCare

    High Durability,no preservatives, softness, organic ingredients, no animal ingredients,smells nice. Perfect for travelling.


    Can't find any...

    I Love to use the solid shampoo because the ingredients in it,like karite butter,mango butTer ,coccoa butter,olive oil etc are soft to the sculp and helps to keep the capillary hydration.

    Sofia Vieira has used this product for one year.
  • Aisena Ivanova
    Aisena IvanovaThis is Aisena, an edenthusiast :)

    Convenient for those who travel!


    Conditioneer pls

    It's a fantastic product!

    Aisena Ivanova has used this product for one week.