Solid Denim Shell for iPhone by Mosevic

The toughest shell for iPhone is made of recycled jeans

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Solid Denim is made from layers of recycled denim fabric infused with a high performance resin. It looks and feels like denim, whilst having the toughness, flexibility and shock absorbing properties of a strong plastic. This is the perfect material for crafting a robust, stylish and tactile case for iPhone

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These look phenomenal @jack_spencer. Happy to put you in touch with some UK distributors if that helps. Which model are available and what’s the current lead time?
@jack_spencer sorry, just seen your site. All the above answered there. Is it all 100% denim or do you use a gel type case as a base/frame?
@sam_cholera No worries, I'll answer anyway. The cases are made of layers of denim that are soaked in a specially selected resin. The layers are pressed together and once the resin has cured, we've got a solid material to work with. It's similar to working with carbon or glass fibre. So there are no hidden parts, it's 100% denim and resin. The result is a case that looks and feels like denim (because it is made of it) but with the properties of a strong plastic or a composite material.
@sam_cholera That would be great. Please email us - Thanks!
@sam_cholera Whoops I missed one of your questions. At the moment there are 3 models. iPhone X, iPhone 8/7 and iPhone 8 Plus/7 Plus. Cases are available now for pre order, will be shipped in about 2 weeks and then will be available normally. Lead time depends on volume. Perhaps we can go into that by email. Thanks
Fancy doing me one for the Pixel 2? :p
@theashtube hey, we should be expanding the range after Christmas. So if you follow us on social or sign up to the mailing list you'll be sure to hear about it when we do!
This is cool @jack_spencer! What made you come up with the idea and how did you go about getting them manufactured?
@jacqvon thanks! I actually developed a range of sunglasses made of the same material which had been available for a while. We hand make them in our workshop in Cornwall, Uk. It's quite a unique process and that's why we do it ourselves at the moment.
Awesome idea and execution, but the monospace font used for the website’s body text (at least that’s how it comes up on mobile) is almost impossible to read
@maxwellhallel okay thanks, we will look into that!
What happened to the cases? Did they not go live?