Solar System Notebook Set

The solar system set to scale across nine notebooks

This set of 9 notebooks provides you with a scaled version of the Solar System to help you grasp the sheer size of the Sun/Jupiter and how small the Earth is. Each notebook inner cover contains vital planet data, with Augmented Reality cards are provided.
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I've been working on these notebooks for a few years and over that time I've continued to add more elements to the set. The set includes 9 notebooks containing the Sun and each of the planets on the covers, and each of them are to scale of each other (hence why the Sun is almost entirely yellow and Mercury is almost completely blank). The inside front cover contains information about the the cover (size, distance, rotation, tilt etc) and a set of universal constants on the back page (speed of light, astronomical unit etc). At this point I also started to play around with Augmented Reality, but wanted to build something that didn't require an App or the latest phone so I used a combination of A-Frame (from Mozilla) and AR.js (created by Jerome Etienne). The set of Markers allow you to use your phone to generate AR planets and sit them side by side. With all of this it made sense to wrap it all up into a nice Solar System Box set and make it into something that would work really well as a gift. I hope you like what I've put together, please let me know any feedback or questions that you might have! Cheers, Justin.
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Lovely! Great gift idea.
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@monadefrawi Thanks Mona, I wanted to create something that was a little bit more special.
@umutcemre I know, it's only the planets (and Sun) unfortunately otherwise I would have had to have included Ceres, Haumea, Makemake and Eris. I did put Pluto into the source code of the AR site though for historic purposes.
It is indeed a great gift idea and it looks very well made, congrats!
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@thiago_sardim thanks Thiago 🙏
Jupiter and Saturn are not to scale. Saturn looks half size?
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@benji_friedman keen eye! The first prototype was off for scale for both Saturn and Uranus because I sized them based in the whole vector illustration which included their rings, hence the small appearance. The final version is sized correctly (I’ll upload that picture now).