Software Developer Project Awards

Developer! Post your side-project. Get voted up. Get funded.

AGORA by Codemotion is a website that lets developers share, discuss and vote on new and valuable ideas. The site includes a smart comments-, and voting system. The ideas and/or projects that get the most votes get funded by Codemotion.
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Check out our current top project called VISION
Today we proudly launch Agora! Welcome, everyone!
Announcing the first developer on our platform! Come and see for yourselves!
What do you think is the most important for your side project right now?
Peer review
User recognition
Financial gains
Professional recognition
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Today after 36 hours after launching our Software Developer Project Awards we have seen a whopping 100 new users and over 25 project pitches! AMAZING! Come and pitch your project in 1 sentence. Just by doing that you qualify for the EUR 5000 award!