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Pooya CharmaraiMaker@pochatoh · SockSeed Co-founder
Hey Product Hunters! We are SockSeed and we'd love to showcase our product! SockSeed is an online idea development platform, that guides founders with a simple step-by-step action plan, to-do lists and activities to build their ideas and introduce them to the market. Stay connected!
Argyris Argyrou@argyris_argyrou · Founder Ideas2life
Looks great guys.
Pooya CharmaraiMaker@pochatoh · SockSeed Co-founder
@argyris_argyrou Many thanks Argyris for your comment. Thanks for your support
Antonis Tsagaris@antonis_tsagari · Android Developer, codehouse five
Very nice presentation, I love your website! Amazing to see Cyprus-based start-ups on Product Hunt, by the way.
Pooya CharmaraiMaker@pochatoh · SockSeed Co-founder
@antonis_tsagari Thanks Antonis and we are glad that you liked it.
Peter Gross@anglebalancing · Founder, Horizon PPM
Looks very good. Great design - both UI and UX. I did have an issue with the main background image not rendering on my iPad mini, but that should be easy for you to fix. Good luck with things.
Pooya CharmaraiMaker@pochatoh · SockSeed Co-founder
@anglebalancing many thanks for your comments. Yes we fixed the issue immediately.
Peter Gross@anglebalancing · Founder, Horizon PPM
@pochatoh that's much better. Well done with the quick turnaround. Best of luck.
Sam Cholera@sam_cholera · Founder @ iSpy Sport Search
Nice UI/UX. Curious to know your background, and the case studies you used to provide context for the solutions/problems
Pooya CharmaraiMaker@pochatoh · SockSeed Co-founder
@sam_cholera many thanks for your comments The background is coming from business - startup innovation - and technical development. By case studies you mean our methodologies?