Single inbox for all customer communications.

Sociocs is a FREE inbox for multi-channel customer care. We support:
- Facebook messenger + post comments + reviews,
- Google reviews + questions & answers,
- SMS,
- Android App reviews,
- Telegram messages,
- Viber messages,
- More channels coming
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Dear Product Hunt Community, I am new to Product Hunt, and must say I am impressed with the range of products and ideas being presented on the platform. Best wishes to all the entrepreneurs! ----- I am very excited to introduce Sociocs. It is a multi-channel inbox for customer communication. Users can connect their social, messaging and review accounts on Sociocs to provide customer care from a single inbox. We currently support below communication channels: - Facebook Messenger - Facebook chat plugin for websites - Facebook post comments - Facebook reviews - SMS (with Twilio) - Google My Business reviews - Google questions & answers - Google Play reviews (Android app reviews) - Telegram - Viber ----- You might think, haven't I heard this before with XYZ product? Our product is created with keeping startups and SMBs (Small & Medium Businesses) in mind, who are usually conscious of their spend on software tools and staffing. Here is what we believe differentiates us from others: - It's FREE, and without any restrictions. (not just "Try for Free"). - Simplicity of the features and user interface. Idea is to minimize time people have to spend on replying to customers, at the same time not missing out on any communication channel. - Combination of messaging and reviews in one platform. - All communication can be handled in a messenger like interface (including reviews). ----- This product idea has come from personal experience in my previous startup, where we had limited staffing (like any other startup :)), and were missing out replying to customers quickly. We looked for a tool, but either they were too costly for us or didn't have the channels we needed. I hope you would give it a try, and like what it offers. Don’t forget to download our mobile app for on-the-go access. Thank you.
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Truly impressive value and helpful team. Excited to see this to scale 😊
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@lassesoi Lasse, Thank you for the positive feedback, and awesome offline communication.
Great ideas!! nice concept and easy to use interface.
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@adrian_hernandez6 Thank you. We are glad you have liked Sociocs.
What differentiates this from Front?
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@marc_dupuis2 Front is a great tool, especially for emails. We admire that company and what it has created and achieved. We believe we provide a simpler interface for non-email channels. Also, they don't offer Google Reviews and Q&A as far as I know. Apart from that, the FREE offering we have provides more value than "Try for Free" offering you would find anywhere else, including Front. For somewhat larger companies with complex needs, Front makes more sense (at the moment). For small to medium companies quickly wanting to start customer communication on multiple channels while saving money, we would be a better choice. Thank you for the question.
Very interesting. Do you plan to introduce a freemium model? Or how do you make money?
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@alexsmacd Thank you. Even though there is no immediate plan, freemium would be the future business model.