SocialRank Realtime

Social media command center for one

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Alexander Taub
@ajt · Co-founder, SocialRank
Hey everyone - here to answer any questions anyone might have. I'm around all day. We wrote a blog post on why we built this that you can find here: https://blog.socialrank.com/2017... Also feel free to email me direct at Alex@SocialRank.com or find me on Twitter at @ajt.
Frank Denbow
Very cool launch. Have you thought of other actions people could take? For example, I dunno, sending a tshirt?
Paul Murphy
@paulbz · CEO, Dots
Great concept, making simple actions like this immediately available is valuable.
@hegranes · Maker / Founder @kittyhawkio
This is awesome. Love the 'Send a Postmate' idea :)
Eric Friedman
@ericfriedman · Head of Expa Labs
Really great to see this live. The hardest part about seeing a potential customer or current customer on social channels post something is not being able to act on it and seeing this potential is great. There are plenty of great examples in the demo and use cases to try - and I am most interested in the new ones that companies come up with!