SocialRank for Content

See accounts behind engagement on Twitter and Instagram

This new product from SocialRank will enable brands the ability to drop in a tweet or post and generate a SocialRank report based on who has engaged with it (Retweets + Replies on Twitter + Likes and Comments on Instagram). This will let brands and agencies go a step further in measuring content performance and audience / community around content.

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Hey everyone, Alex here. I’m one of the co-founders of SocialRank. We just announced a new product called SocialRank for Content. For the past four years we’ve focused on helping brands better understand and activate their audience on Twitter and Instagram. This is our first step into using the tech we built (a powerful audience segmentation tool) and apply to something new (content). The product will be in a beta for a bit, but the gist is that you drop in a tweet or post and we grab all the accounts that engaged with it. Then you receive a report you can slice and dice in the most granular way possible. I’m happy to answer any questions and if you want a demo of the product - just email me at
Very excited for this! Love what social rank does, this is a great addition.
Looks cool. Is there any historical data on people who interacted with multiple pieces of content? (i.e user liked these 5 posts and is highly engaged, consider them a superfan)
@frank_denbow as we get more data and run more posts this is definitely something I am interested in but not really available until we get to scale on the product.